DATED ISSUED 07 of December 201 9
CLIENT CONTACT MR Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs

  1. I will endeavour to absorb minor costs resulting from additional scope of work up to 5 free modifications. Where this is not possible and/or has exceeded the modifications quote, variations will be agreed prior to commencement of any work and charged at an hourly rate of £100.00 per hour.
  2. If you, the client, requires third par ty services and would like HY Street Desig ns to manage third par ty services? Then, the client, will be responsible for the costs incurred by a third par ty supplier in full and upfront.
  3. Should the project be cancelled, work will be charged at an hourly rate to date, as recorded in the project timesheets.
  4. Prior to payment in full, HY Street Desig ns Limited will retain ownership of all material produced by HY Street Desig ns Limited. Following payment in full, all ownership will be transferred to the client. This will expire at the end of 20 business days.
  5. Deposit of 50% is to be paid before any work begins and to be paid within 5 business days upon receipt of invoice. Once the work is com plete 25% payment is required and the remaining 25% to be paid once you have received all the master files and/or until the end of the project has been com pleted and agreed by both par ties.
  6. Please infor m HY Street Desig ns Limited if yo u h a ve a ny objection to HY Street Desig ns displaying your work on our business website, and/or social platforms following your own public release. We will respect any need you have for confidentialit y and commercial benefits.
  7. Disbursements are excluded from my cost estimate/s. For exam ple (but not limited to) travel charges, courier charges, printing & copying, CDs, video conversion, incurred fees, deisg ns, rendering, animaition but not limited too etc.
  8. My quotations are valid for 10 business days from the date of this document.
  9. All charges exclude VAT.